Spare Rules

  1. All Skips are to declare their spares and positions to the opposing Skip before the beginning of the game.
  2. A spare from the League's Official Spares List or regular member can only play a maximum of 2 (two) games for the same team per round.
  3. All Spare Players shall be a player from the League's Official Spares List. If no player is available from the list, an eligible player from the League's regular membership may act as a spare, subject to Rules 4 to 7.
  4. If a spare player(s) is/are selected from the Official Spares List, then the spare player(s) can play at the position of the player being replaced or lower in the line-up.
  5. If a spare player is chosen from the Leagues Membership, then that spare player must throw lead rocks.
  6. To avoid teams from bringing in outside players and adding them to the Official Spares List during regular season play, all additions to the list, once season has started, must be approved by the Organizers. All additions to the Official Spares List will be posted on the website accordingly.
  7. Spares from the Official Spares List will pay $7 each time they are called to spare for each game played, up to a maximum of $105 for the season. Spares must indicate via League Buddy that they will play, and then will be invoiced a few times per season.
  8. Any violation of the Spares Rules will result in a game default for the offending team which is recorded as a 3-0 loss, or the final score whichever favours the non-offending team.